An African City

An African City Season 2 is finally here and the response so far has been great. Thank you guys!

I’ve gotten a lot of questions on these interwebs about Zainab’s hair so I thought i’ll break down the “how to” on a few of her looks over the last two episodes.

Inside scoop: I do my own hair on set 80% of the time. We have an amazing hair styling team from Ariels Haven Spa and Salon ( Visit them whenever you’re in Accra) however after 6 years of being natural I find it easier to do my own hair.

Grecian Tuck-Opening Scenes

This is my go to hairstyle in my daily life when my twist out is on its last leg. I fluff my hair down all around my head including my face (think cousin IT from the Addams Family) I then put an elastic headband over my head so that my hair is hanging from underneath the headband (Think 70’s headbands). Next I tuck the ends of my hair into the head band and voila. This is probably hard to follow but I’ll try and get a tutorial up soon.

Twist Out-Dinner Scene

At the dinner scene (BTW waakye all day!) I achieved this look by sectioning my hair into about 6 twists while wet and slathered with shea butter. I then bantu knot the twists and let them air dry for about two days (Prep time is so necessary here)

[Esosa Dress: @Bestowelangirl / My Jumpsuit: @Meenaofficial / Marie: Jacket @Raffia / Dress @1981Official]

Updo’s – Office and Stadium scenes

Both Zainab’s office scenes and the stadium scene saw her rock a simple updo. The word of the day here is HAIR PINS. I use about 20 to really get my hair nice and taut.

You can catch season 2 of An African City now @

Have you seen episode 1 and 2?


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