My Favorite Things

Every week I’ll be sharing my favorite things with you guys. From music to cosmetics to food.

Here are my favorite things this week:

Naya Naturals Lemon and Avocado Shea Infusion: I’m completely obsessed with Naya Naturals range of shea butter infusions. They smell glorious and can be used on both your skin and hair.

Nicole Updegraff’s Lifestyle Planner and Guide: Anyone who knows me knows that I write down everything. I don’t believe in digital calendars or notes. “Write it down so I know its real, son.” This Lifestyle planner is the perfect blend of calendar, motivation and organization. She describes it as “a guide to finding balance when you’ve got a million things to do.”- Umm yes please!

Dedo Azu Wooden Sunnies: I own a pair of Dedo Azu’s wooden sunnies in a cat-eye shape and they’ve been a staple for me for 6 months. The new Sunrise Collection is littered with a plethora of styles and colors. These are my favorite this season, a complete winner! Bold and sleek.

DaarLiving Candle Holders: How cute are these!! DaarLiving consistently has the best home accessories which are the perfect mix of vintage Africa and contemporary lifestyle. These come in about 6 colors. Such elegance in an item that can sometimes be very mundane. Perfection

Signatures Magazine: I love this creative magazine created by Juls and Jason Nicco Annan. A true masterpiece when it comes to exploring all the facets of creativity and visual arts on the continent.

Omar Sterling: Liiiiiissssstttteeeen this is my favorite song in life right now. Apparently it’s old and I’m late but I’m so here for this 90’s Ghana hip hop vibe.


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